Q & A

Q:  Where do you get all this stuff?
A:  From Antique shops, estate sales and flea markets.

Q:  Can you make something from my own memorabilia?
A:   Yes.

Q:   What kind of things can I send to use?
A:   Anything, as long as it's not too big or too heavy.

Q:   Do you have a studio?
A:   Yes, my studio is in New Orleans, LA

Q:   I have a sister who is a doctor and she plays tennis.  Could you make a pin for her birthday?
A:   Of course, just advise as to the size and the deadline.

Q:   How long will it take to make it?
A:   That depends on the season of the year (shows in the fall reduce my available custom work time), and the availability of certain pieces but usually within a few weeks.

Q:   Could I ask you to be on the lookout for special things for me, such as a particular locket or watch fob?
A:   Certainly, it's fun and I love a challenge.

Q:   Most of your things are one-of-a-kind but what can you do if I wanted 5 tennis-theme pins for my team for Christmas?
A:   I use the Neiman-Marcus approach: "let us choose one for you".  Each pin will have the same theme but the parts will be different on each.

Q:   What things can you duplicate exactly?
A:   Martini and Margarita earrings and pins, fleur-de-lis earrings, bracelets and necklaces, watch inner movement cufflinks, sterling wine bottle, wine glass and corkscrew earring sets and many more.